Fourth Grade Links


Language Arts

  1. Math Links Grades 4-6-color coded
  2. Math Activites Grades 4-6
  3. Math Skills Grades 4-6
  4. Try these 4th Grade Activites
  5. E-manipulatives-money, multiplication, and more
  6. Factorize-show factorization visually
  7. Create a Graph
  8. PBS Kids Fraction Activity
  9. Fourth grade math activities
  10. Math Cats Explore-LOTS of fun activities here!!!
  11. Learn Multiplication
  12. Estimator-choose counting
  13. Math Online Activities 3-5
  14. Math Interactive-Teachers-find activities to match what you're studying
  15. Math online resources-teachers search here
  16. Virtual Manipulatives
  17. Houghton Mifflin Math Site for Students
  18. Symmetry Activity
  19. More Symmetry Activites
  20. Cartesian Coordinates Online Interactive Lesson
  21. Maze Game to practice graph coordinates
  1. 4th Grade Language Activities by Skill
  2. Enchanted Learning Dictionary
  3. Time for Kids
  4. Story Writing Help
  5. What's the Big Idea-Harcourt Main Idea Activity
  6. Read Write Think Online Activities
  7. Houghton Mifflin Reading Site
  8. Houghton Mifflin English Activities


Social Studies

  1. Foss Web 3-6
  2. Science Skills 4th Grade
  3. Insects and Bugs - web sites and videos
  4. Volcano Cam
  5. BBC Science Clips-Choose an age
  6. Ecosystems
  7. disection
  8. Star Child-learn about space and the Planets
  10. Experience Science-Houghton Mifflin
  11. Science Grade 4-HM
  12. Discovery-Internet Field Trips and Project Ideas
  13. E-Nature-online field guides
  14. Landform Links tagged on Delicious Bookmark site
  15. Make an electric circuit online
  1. Social Studies Skills-4th Grade
  2. US Symbols
  3. Time for Kids
  4. Black History 101 - Internet Scavenger Hunt
  5. Ben's Guide to Government
  6. Colonial Links
  7. The History Place-American Revolution
  8. Interactive Maps Online-Houghton Mifflin
  9. US History Civil War to Today
  10. Maps and States Games
  11. Jamestown Links on Delicious bookmark site
  12. Jamestown Rediscovery
  13. Liberty Kids
  14. Revolutionary War Links bookmarked on Delicious



  1. New York Philharmonic Kidzone
  2. Compose Online
  3. Listen to instruments and learn about them
  4. Destination Modern Art
  5. Make Your Own Art Online
  6. Go on an Art Safari
  7. Art Site bookmarks
  1. Five a day videos, songs, activities
  2. Your Body
  3. Human Body Links for K-5
  4. Five Senses-Video Clips
  5. Human Body AOL Jr.
  6. Senses-AOL Jr.
  7. Food Pyramid
  8. Human Body Site
  9. More Health Sites Tagged on Delicious bookmark site

Multi Subject Sites


  1. AOL SCHOOL-click subject or grade
  2. BBC Site-choose a subject
  1. More 4th Grade Links
  2. Image and Clip Art Site Links
  3. Links to get sound files for projects
  4. Digital Camera Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  5. Internet Public Library KIDSPACE
  6. Practice Keyboarding here
  7. Pics for Learning-Pictures site
  8. Tech Know Park-enter the park and learn new skills each week
  9. Don't Buy It-Get Media Smart